About the Chamber

What is your Chamber?

Your chamber of commerce is a voluntary partnership of business and professional people working together to build a healthy economy and to improve the quality of life in your community.As your chamber works to accomplish these goals, it wears many hats: economic developer and planner; tourist information center; business spokesperson; economic counselor and teacher; government relations specialist; human resources advisor; and public relations practitioner.Simply stated, your chamber is business and professional people working together to make your community a better place for everyone to live and work.

2022 Chamber President Ben Smith

Be part of an organization with a positive vision of Saraland’s future.

Get involved, help shape that future, and share in the prosperity, growth and community pride that follows.

Our Mission

The Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce mission is “To promote economic expansion and enhance the quality of life in the North Mobile area… by supporting business, encouraging community leadership and fostering communication.”Our office is the hub of information regarding business, economic development, and community events, please stop by and allow our staff to share with you why more and more Saraland is the best Mobile County has to offer.By working together, the united voice of the business community will be heard. As our chamber works to accomplish its goals, it wears many hats: economic developer and planner; tourist information center; business spokesperson; economic counselor and teacher; government relations specialist; human resources advisor; and public relations practitioner.

Who are your Chamber's members?

Chamber of Commerce members are businesses, organizations and individuals concerned with the socio-economic climate of your community.  They have joined together because they know they stand a better chance of getting things done when they speak as one voice.

2022 Chamber Board of Directors

Chairman Of the Board  

James Thomasson, Accelerated Accounting               



Ben Smith, S and M Transportation, Inc.


President Elect    

Laurel Flowers, Laurel Flowers State Farm                                    



Mark Messick, Redemption Church


VP Administration                                

Sheron Atwell, eXp Realty


VP Membership & Ambassadors

Jamie Warren, BancorpSouth


VP Governmental Affairs                             

Wayne Lyssy, Saraland Chiropractic


VP Workforce Development

Allie Dubose, Express Employment Pros

VP Special Projects                                

Tim Faircloth, Piggly Wiggly

VP Economic Development   

Sean Bryant, Brett Real Estate, Robinson Development Co.

VP Community Development       

George Burroughs, Atlas Chiropractic



Jackie Benson                                                          North Mobile Internet Service


Amanda Edwards                                                     Poplar Home Waterproofing


Ronnie Toomey                                                          LTD Fashions


Shawn Lewis                                                             Coca Cola Bottling Co. United


Bill Silver                                                                    Saraland BOE


Matt Hogan                                                                Spire Energy 

Bradley Flowers                                                         Portal Insurance


Evelyn Gibson                                                             J & E Properties


Jeff Schmitz                                                               Alabama Power Co.


Eddie Holmes                                                           Celeste Road Baptist Church


Ron Mitchell                                                              Mitchell Container Services


Britni-Rivers Robinson                                               Trustmark Bank


Donna Hughes                                                            Saraland BOE


Allie Ratcliff                                                                University of Mobile 

Elizabeth Nelson                                                         Chickasaw City Schools


Chamber Past Presidents

Ron Mitchell 1984
Hoyt Lolley 1985
Preston House 1986
Al Kahalley 1987
Charlie Senior 1988
Eloise Frost 1989
Bill Silver 1990
Scooter Thronson 1991
Tom Williams 1992
Bettie Tanner 1993
Dr. Howard Rubenstein 1994
Tommie Hicks 1995
Jim Boggs 1996
Greg Cawthon 1997
Monica Garsed 1998
Judy Winkle 1999
Rick Russell 2000
Dr. Wayne Lyssy 2001
Bill Weatherford 2002
John Powell 2003
Debbie O’Brien 2004
Reeda Taylor 2005
Reeda Taylor 2006
Doug Roberts 2007
Sherry Caylor 2008
Mandy Trout 2009
Rick Schaffer 2010
Mandy Whigham 2011
Ronnie Outlaw 2012
Jeff Kahn 2013
Eddie Holmes 2014
Rick Schaffer 2015
Ron Mitchell 2016
Evelyn Gibson 2017                                                                                            Jeff Schmitz 2018                                                                                            Jamie Warren 2019                                                                                      Sheron Atwell 2020                                                                                          James Thomasson 2021



Chamber Staff

Shilo Miller

Executive Director

Karna West

Administrative Assistant



Let us know what the Chamber can do for you.



Who leads your Chamber?

Your Chamber of Commerce is run by its members.  They elect a Board of Directors that determines policies and sets goals.  A President presides over all Board meetings.Your Chamber’s day-to-day operations are handled by a professional manager.  This person is a paid employee.  Some small communities have managers who are either volunteers or part-time employees.Members often become involved in chamber activities by working on committees.  These committees range from economic development, education and human resources to conventions, tourism, public affairs and governmental relations.

What are the objectives of your Chamber?

As it works to improve your community’s economy and quality of life, your chamber keeps these broad objectives in mind:

  • to help businesses prosper and grow;
  • to increase job opportunities;
  • to encourage an orderly expansion and development of all segments of the community;
  • to contribute to the overall economic stability of the community;
  • to encourage and promote the nation’s private enterprise system of competitive marketing.

What are the activities of your Chamber?

Chamber of commerce activities reflect community needs.  They are undertaken by members and staff to make the area a better place in which to live.  Some of the most popular activities of chambers include:

Economic Development

Creating jobs; providing services and information to members; promoting retail activities; recruiting new businesses and industries; attracting tourists and conventions.

Community Development

Planning for growth; revitalizing the downtown retail area; promoting a modern transportation system; sponsoring cultural activities..

Human Resource Development

conducting economic education and training programs; developing minority businesses; encouraging job training partnerships in businesses; helping to improve health and human services.

Public Affairs / Relations

Communicating business and civic issues to local, state and national governments; helping citizens understand the legislative process and the free enterprise system of marketing; developing consumer affairs program; conducting economic studies and surveys. Specific activities of chambers of commerce are usually discussed in their official publications..

How does a Chamber accomplish these activities?

Chambers of commerce usually accomplishes their activities by:

  • having specific goals and objectives designed to meet the needs of the community;
  • having an organizational structure with bylaws; policies and procedures for coordinating volunteers and programs of work;
  • having involved and dedicated leaders that are well informed and are willing to use their time and talent to accomplish meaningful activities;
  • having informed, interested and willing members to work on committees, to carry our programs of work and to provide necessary financing;
  • having the financial resources to undertake programs of work and to provide administrative responsibilities;
  • having skilled executive management dedicated to the chamber staff, to create programming and to sound operations


We look forward to adding your business to the Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce!


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