Saraland Chamber Chat

Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews

Owner of Bienville Bites Food Tours

Episode 6- An Interview with Owner of Bienville Bites Food Tour Chris Andrews


Chris Andrews is the founder and CEO of Bienville Bites Food Tour in Mobile, Alabama and Taste of Fairhope in Fairhope, Alabama. Chris was born in Mobile, Alabama and a graduate of Satsuma High School. In 2017, Chris combined his passion for food and history when he launched the first and only food tour in Mobile. Since then, Bienville Bites has been named the “Best Food Tour in Alabama” and has been consistently awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” by TripAdvisor which is given to the top 10% of attractions worldwide based on excellent five-star reviews. In the fall of 2020, Chris and his wife Laney launched the Taste of Fairhope tour giving people an opportunity to connect through food and drink on both sides of Mobile Bay. Chris is passionate about connecting people to the city through food and drink while giving them experiences and stories to share with others. Chris enjoys spending time with his wife Laney and three children, Audrey, Sawyer, and Carson.

Captain Clayton Horton

Captain Clayton Horton

City of Saraland Fire Inspector

Episode 5- An Interview with City of Saraland Fire Inspector Captain Clayton Horton


On this episode we sit down with the City of Saraland’s Fire Inspector Captain Clayton Horton. During our time with him we discuss how he became a fire-fighter, his job as the Fire Inspector, and the importance of a Business Continuity Plan.

Josh West

Josh West

Founder and President of Saraland Soccer Academy

Episode 4- An Interview with Citizen of the Year Josh West


In this episode we sit down with Saraland’s Citizen of the Year and founder of Saraland Soccer Academy Josh West. He discusses his soccer background and how he got the idea for SSA. Josh talks about his soccer program and what his plans are for the future of Saraland Soccer Academy.
Danielle Dials

Danielle Dials

Owner of Danielle Renée Beauté

Episode 3- An Interview with Danielle Dials


In this episode we sit down with entrepreneur, Danielle Dials, owner of Danielle Renee Beauty, Bath & Skin Care.  Danielle shares the fundamentals of opening and running a business during a global pandemic, the importance of doing the work and doing your best, and best practices for nourishing and caring for your skin.
Natalie Moye

Natalie Moye

Saraland City Councilwoman

Episode 2 - An Interview with Saraland City Councilwoman Natalie Moye


In this episode we sit down with City Councilwoman Natalie Moye to discuss current topics.

We learn about her family, college and career, and what interested her into running for City Council.

Councilwoman Moye also shares what’s happening right now in Saraland, and what our future looks like as a growing city.

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

President / GM of S & M Transportation

Episode 1 - An Interview With Chamber President Ben Smith


Episode 1 – An Interview With Chamber President Ben Smith

On this month’s episode we sit down with the President of the Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce Ben Smith.


Topics discussed are:

Ben’s upbringing in Tennessee

His love for sports… and coaching

His commitment to family

The business opportunity that brought him to Saraland

Challenges his business has faced through Covid… and high gas prices

The importance he places on serving

Why making an impact matters

The question that drives his tenure as Chamber president

The three initiatives he’s already implemented

His five year vision for the Chamber.