Episode 5 – An Interview With The City of Saraland Fire Inspector- Captain Clayton Horton.

Hello, my name is Captain Clayton Horton. I currently reside in Satsuma with my very patient and beautiful wife Rebecca of 11 years and three children: Jackson 9, Mary McKinley 6, and C.J 5. As you can imagine there are very few dull moments around my home. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family as well as fishing, hunting, and the occasional game of golf.

I am a graduate of Satsuma High School Class of 2006. I started my career in the fire service in 2007 for the City of Prichard Fire Department. I graduated recruit school in 2008 and remained in Prichard until late 2009. In 2009 I began working for the City of Satsuma Fire Department until 2013 when I began working for the City of Saraland. Each department I have worked for has provided education and experience collaboratively that I do not believe I would have received individually. The fire service has been a very rewarding profession thus far as I continue career. I currently have an Associate in Fire Administration to which I received from Columbia Southern University and graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Management from Purdue University in September.

I currently serve in the Fire Prevention Bureau for the Saraland Fire Rescue Department where I oversee the Code Enforcement and Inspection Division and participate in other divisions such as the Public Education Division and Engineering and Plan Review Division. In my current role my primary function is to visit and inspect buildings and other structures to search for fire hazards and to ensure that federal, state, and local fire codes are met. I also test and inspect fire protection and fire extinguishing equipment to ensure they work. I work very closely with business representatives and owners within the City of Saraland. It is my job to teach them, not to punish them as it pertains to fire codes. Once people understand the reasoning behind the codes, most of the time they will comply. Business owners in Saraland want to make sure that their employees and customers are safe and that their investment is protected from fire risk. I strive to do the best job possible to ensure the safety of the citizens and visitors of the City of Saraland.