Episode 9 – Shinekia Dillon.

The History of Touch of Love

Welcome to Touch of Love. My name is Shinekia Dillon. I am the Founder and Administrator of Touch of Love Sitter (2017) & Touch of Love Healthcare Training School (2020). I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified CPR Instructor. I am a graduate of Reid State Technical School (2014).

Where it all began:

When I was about 10 years old my mother took in a great aunt and began to care for her. She would have a nurse to come out several times a week to care for some wombs on her legs. She would scream in pain!

One day, I asked the nurse (Jane, I still remember the nurse name) if I could come in the room with and let my aunt hold my hand when you started her womb care. Jane reluctantly replied, “Sure”.

I stood there at the door and patiently waited for her to let me in. Once she opened the door, I went and sat on her bed and told her “You can hold my hand, and squeeze it as hard as you want to. Take the pain out on me”.

From that day forward, a seed was planted. I waited at the door every time Jane came to visit, until years later that aunt passed away.

I was privileged to help take care of my great aunt, great grandmother, and grandmother, all in the same home.

Years later I went to training school and received my CNA license, several years later I went back and obtained my nursing degree and license. The seed began to sprout up and I was in strong pursuit to start my own business.

My aunt allowed me to “touch” (hold) her hand in one of her most vulnerable moments, and that’s where the name Touch of Love comes from. 

Touch of Love Sitter has been established, licensed, and insured since August 2017.

I pray that each patient and family that we meet and care for, we leave a lasting touch (impression) that will forever change their life.

After several years of being in business, I saw a great need to hire and retain some great Certified Nursing Assistants, so in April 2020 Touch of Love Healthcare Training School was established and licensed by The Private School Licensure Division of Alabama Community College System and by Alabama Department of Public Health. We will be offering the short term courses that could be completed in 12 months or less. Stay tune for future announcements.