Episode 15- Marty Carrell with the Women’s Resource Center


Marty N. Carrell

Marty Carrell has lead women’s ministry at her church, a bible study teacher, event speaker and is currently the CEO of Women’s Resource Center, a non-profit faith-based ministry in Mobile, Alabama.  She was formerly the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Mobile, Sandy Stimpson. Previously working for the City of Mobile, she was the Executive Director of Claire’s Hope. Through Claire’s Hope she began a girl’s program which inspires and empowers young women to know their value and encourages them to always find ways to impact those around them.  Marty has a great love for Mobile and is very passionate about being a vital part of the community.  She has volunteered and has served on various boards throughout Mobile County; such as previous President of the Mobile County Council of PTAs.  She is also a part of the 2022 Leadership of Mobile Class.

Marty lives in Mobile, Alabama and is married to Dow Carrell. They have three children, a son-in-law and two grandsons.